Justin Anderson

Our Services    

Hourly rate: $50
Machine rate: $90
Appraisels & Estimate: $40
(Minimum labor charge 1/2 hour)

Safety & Function Check
Complete disassembly and clean
(List of possible services needed)
Headspace check: $90

Rust blue, brown Handguns: $200 and up
Rifles: $325 and up
(Amount of prep work accounts for most of additional cost.)
Nitre blue small parts: $125 per batch (minor polishing included)

Baked on Finish (1 color)
Handguns: $125
Rifles: $175
Additional colors: $25 each
(Complex camo jobs or custom designs by written quote only.)

Color Case Hardening
Small parts batches: $150
Receivers and Frames: $325 and up (depending on prep)

General Smithing
Metal Checkering: hourly
Bolt forging/ cut and weld: hourly rate
Engine turning: hourly rate
Draw Filing/polishing: hourly rate
Sight in firearm: $60 plus ammo
Develope handload: $125 plus ammo
Bore sight: $25
Pattern Shotgun: $60 plus ammo
Drill & Tap: $25 per hole
Cut dovetail: $90
Silver Solder: $65 per item
Shotgun Bead install: $50 includes drill & tap, bead extra
Sight inserts: $45
Scope mounting for drilled firearm: $65 includes boresighting and ring lapping
Check Headspace: $65
Chamber cast: $80
Remove Stuck Case: hourly rate
Remove stuck live round: hourly rate plus $125
Clean fouled barrel: hourly rate plus materials

Rifle Work
Install barrel liner: $225 plus liner
Cut & crown: $70
Chamber and Fit barrel: $250 (finish extra)
Install pre treaded chambered barrell: $150 (finish extra)
Make and install spring: hourly rate
Safety install: $50-$125 (depending on type)
Install adjust trigger: $90
Barrel band swivel: hourly rate


Muzzleloader Work
(All jobs listed are hourly rate for muzzleloader)
Pull Ball
Remove obstructions/broken rods
Make cleaning rods out of hardwood
Springs/Action Tuning

Shotgun Work
Long forcing cone: $90 (non plated) $125 (plated)
Dent raising: hourly rate
Straighten barrel: $75
Polish chamber/bore: $75
Fixed choke adjustments: $65 per barrel
Install screw in choke: $150 (includes 1 choke tube)
(Barrel work depends on thickness of barrel, if barrel deemed unsuitable min charge applies: $25)

Revolver work
Chamfer barrel: $45
Chamfer cylinder: $15 per chamber
Action job: $125 plus parts
Replace barrel with factory barrel: $100
Remove modify spur: $45
Revolver frame square to round: $100
Semi auto action job: $90-$125

1911 Work
Tighten slide: $100
Fit barrell
Ramped: $160
Non-ramped: $125
Fit barrel bushing: $50 plus bushing
Bevel mag well: $65
Checker front of frame: $175
Modify ejection port: $65
Fit new trigger: $30 plus trigger
Fit new hammer: $75 plus hammer
Cut for rear sight: $125
Stake on front sight: $65

General Pistol/Revolver Work
Carry smooth: $65
Full melt: $150
(Refinishing extra)
Glock melt/polymer frames: $175
Frame stipple: $45-$75

Gunstock Work
Basic oil finish: $125
Premium oil finish: $250
Recut existing checkering: $65 per panel
Install recoil pad: $75 plus pad
Sling swivels: $55 plus swivels
Recoil reducer: $90 plus reducer

Firearm Transfer
Free for existing gunsmith customers
Non-customers: $25 per transfer
(5th transfer free for non-customers)

Plenty of additional services offered along with custom rifle builds on a limited basis. We try to only do 2-3 a year as it really cuts into being able to fix and customize.

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10%  off labor for military, law enforcement, fire/ems